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          Hi, I'm Ben, and it's a pleasure to meet you.

          creative fine art documentary london destination wedding photographer

          I'm a modern, editorial wedding photographer who’s spent the last 10 years shooting weddings all over the UK and abroad. And, although it sounds like a cliche, I have absolutely loved every second of it.

          Weddings are simultaneously fast-paced and an occasion where time seems to stand completely still. More often that not, your wedding day is a blur of emotion and love and energy, but set against the fact that everything is exactly and perfectly as it should be. I’m passionate about capturing this raw, authentic emotion of the day; the moments that were fleeting at the time but hold a feeling you want to remember forever.

          I live in Glasgow with my partner Emma, who’s a set designer, and our baby daughter Erin, who’s the real director of proceedings. When I’m not shooting weddings, I love to roam around in my campervan or on my motorbike. I love a good negroni, am an avid lenticular print collector, and am currently learning the banjo.


          My approach to wedding photography is that of fine art storytelling, placing you front and centre without ever making you feel like you’ve been put under a microscope. This means that I will capture the day authentically as it unfolds in its own unique rhythm; immortalising the life and soul coursing through it in editorial pictures that will one day become modern family heirlooms. Each moment will be captured in its own effortless blend of space, light, texture and emotion, a harmony that couldn’t be fabricated.

          When you look at your photos, I want them to take you back with the kind of startling clarity that makes your heart skip a beat.

          My work should make you feel that it, and we, were just meant to be. It’s an artistic collaboration, so on the day itself I won’t dictate or delegate - I will capture you as you are, not with any preconceived notion of how you should be. Occasionally I may provide gentle direction - when the light is looking particularly incredible, for example, as I’m a sucker for it - but I won’t pose and poise you for hours on end. (And this includes family portraits - whilst they’re an extremely important part of the day, I won’t need too much time for these). You want to be smiling and laughing with your loved ones, not smiling to the side of them, and I want to be documenting those raw, spontaneous moments too.

          If you feel a connection to my work, i'd love to hear from you

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          I really cannot praise Ben highly enough. He was recommended to us (very enthusiastically) by a friend and we are so, SO glad we chose him! We were thrilled with the beautiful photographs he took and the moments he captured.

          A real gent and an absolute pleasure to have around, so many of our guests made a point of telling us how delightful he was.

          Thank you very much Ben!

          - JESS & BEN


          We were so lucky to have Ben to photograph our wedding party this summer. He shot stylish and beautiful images that were full of life, perfectly capturing the summer magic and charm of our evening.

          Ben was responsive, polite and came up with the loads of good ideas both on the the day and in the run up as prep. He also made all of us feel relaxed which was super important - someone you'd want to be mates with as well as a great craftsman.

          - ALICE & ADAM


          We knew the photos would be good but were blown away when we saw the final products. I had never been comfortable having my photo taken but you wouldn’t know it from the photos. When I sent them to my grandmother she described the reaction perfectly - “thunderstruck”.

          - CORA & ROB


          Ben these are so amazing...we can't stop looking at them. Totally gobsmacked with how much I LOVE them, you've captured the day so perfectly. Thank you so much, they are so cool and unique and I can't wait to share them and get them up on the wall....so cool Ben, so cool!!!

          - LISA & BRAD


          The photos are AMAZING. PERFECT. INCREDIBLE! Thank you! We're so over the moon with them, thank you so so much. They are way better than I imagined they would be. And brought back such amazing memories going through them! 

          - RACHEL & PETER


          Ben.... You are one super talented photographer!! We LOVE them! You have done such an amazing job of capturing the entire day, all the emotions, and all the little details. Your positioning is fantastic. We didn't even notice you moving around but somehow you've managed to capture so many different angles, and each and every one of our guests. Some of the photos are the best shots we've ever seen of our friends and family. Most of all you have managed to make us look like movie stars! Well, in my biased opinion anyway :) We cannot thank you enough.

          - JAMES & LOUISE


          Do you use a second shooter?

          How many weddings have you shot?

          Where are you based? And do you travel?

          When will we get our images back?

          Do you offer albums?

          How will we receive the photos?

          How do we book you?


          I like to work alone, and most weddings only need one photographer. But there are definitely times where a second photographer comes in useful, for example, if I’m shooting a large wedding with over 200 people, it’s useful to have another camera on site. Much as I’d like to be, it’s hard to be in two places at once! I have a few very talented second shooters who I trust and occasionally use.